The Opportunity

We are restoring and transforming an historical flour mill complex in Murrumburrah,it will be called The Centre for Agriculture Innovation. 
Based in regional NSW, it will be a centre for multiple purposes where all the capabilities of agriculture can be fully expressed. 
The restoration will be unique and creative by design. It will be aesthetically pleasing and symbolically significant for the future of agriculture in Australia.

The Centre For Agriculture Innovation

Australia agriculture is booming.
The gross farm production for 2016-17 is estimated to be $63.8 billion, and Australian agriculture export forecasts are expected to be worth $48.7 billion for 2017-18 (growing 27%). 

The Centre for Agriculture Innovation will be significant and act as a conduit for the booming agriculture industry. The commercial complex will link education and knowledge with: power plus agribusinesses, retailers, farmers, agriculturists, rural producers, exporters, students (both local and international), researchers and the public in a single complex. 
A Tourist, Visitor Attraction
As part of the Capital Country tourism region, the centre with its vibrant mix of hands on action and technology, will make the centre a hub for those with a passion for agriculture and an important tourist visitor destination. 
A never been seen before centre that is unique and innovative  
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